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Dome rental communities if not able to build a survival shelter

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An idea that could help a lot of people weather the storms...or other earth changes which might be coming: RENT A LITTLE DOME in a Monolithic dome community.
A note about this: The dome shape will hold up to the wind but a lot of the doors, glass windows I see on these domes would not IMHO hold up to high winds. Solution go ahead and rent it just  be prepared to fasten on extra protection on the outside and/or the inside of, the existing windows and the door.
I did some reading on the site:  Just a few rules, two people per small dome...flexible stay, reasonable rates. Rental rate I saw was only a few hundred dollars on a small dome home and includes utilities... Not able to have a bunch of people or pets there but would save the life of two people, and one pet perhaps a small group smuggled in at last minute...in an emergency situation.
Will certainly hold up better than a regular wooden structure...
- Yowbarb
... http://www.domeliving.com/topics/news   Dome Living News

http://www.domeliving.com/stories/demand-grows-for-small-rental-domes  Dome Living News


Wow...How cool is that!!  I love those little domes!  ;D


--- Quote from: enlightenme on November 19, 2012, 04:33:15 PM ---Wow...How cool is that!!  I love those little domes!  ;D

--- End quote ---

Yes... I am thinking if tshtf at least people could have time to rent a dome...
a dome or two small domes might be enough for te average family... in an emergency?

Not plugging any particular site will be posting some random rental offerings...to give readers an idea...
If people wanted to get away from the coast and felt it was time to scale it down smaller cheaper and get in a stronger structure...it is one idea...
Truth be told I'm not sure yet how many of these are available...Just saw this...


http://greenville.craigslist.org/apa/3412436574.html  Greenville dome rental ad

Not many current ads here...


Monolithic Dome BBS

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No idea if this place has vacancies...This dome community in mentioned in one of my earlier post, The Inn Place, Brenham, TX. Rental info is posted below...
Probably a good idea to have a stash of cash ready in case all h___ broke loose at least a person could pay the rent if the owner demanded it.

http://www.innplacebrenham.com/Pages/RentalInformation.aspx    Rental Information
The Inn Place domes are rented by the week.
This gives you a place to live without the long term commitment of a lease. While these studio apartments are designed with a singe person in mind, a maximum of two people may occupy one unit.
Rental Fees
The first 6 weeks:  rent for a dome is $150 a week
After 6 weeks:   if the rent is paid by 2:00pm Monday a discount of $20 may be taken, making the rent $130 per week.
Rent includes electricity, water and internet service.
Pets are permitted at an additional cost of $5 a week for each pet plus a refundable $100 damage deposit.
Prior to moving into a dome, the tenant must pay $450, which includes:
•the first week’s rent of $150
•the last week’s rent of $150
•a damage deposit of $150
There is a dumpster on the premises and a public mail box.  For your security, we strongly advise getting a P.O.Box from the Post Office. One parking space is provided for each dome.
A gas station / convenience store is within walking distance.
Furnishings provided:
•   twin-size bed

•   dining table & 2 chairs

•   microwave oven

•   full size refrigerator

•   range with oven

The Inn Place
245 O'Malley Road
Brenham, Texas 77833


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