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Teaching children survival training

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Here's some ideas for teaching children.


This is a great video on teaching your kids survival skills and what to do if they get lost.

Teach Your Children To Survive Exclusive Free Video


This looks like an older post, but I want to touch on it.   I have found the best and funnest way to teach kids survival and primative skills is to camp at Mountain Man Rendezvous.   We do several weeks a year of this primative camping with our kids, rain or shine.   It involves some investment and you will need to learn the skills yourself as well.   Lighting fires with flint and steel is one of my kid's favorites.   They hunt, fish, clean and cook their own food and they want to do it.   We used to sleep in a tipi which I made and then we had to move to a larger marquee after the last 2 babies were born.  We tan hides and make clothes out of them and wear them the entire time.   We bath in the pond or over a bowl.   Smoke meat, and gather nuts and berries.   It's like we step back into time and it feels like home to us.    We have done this their entire lives through rain, sleet, snow, heat, and storms with high wind.   Kansas and Oklahoma are known for their storms.  Anyway, we look forward to our camping trips atleast 3 times a year, sometimes four or five.   I homeschool, so it isn't difficult to do.   That is another thing.   Homeschool your kids....don't let them into those government institutions.   There are great teachers, but their hands are tied in public school.   Anyway, if anyone wants some information about Rendezvous, let me know and I'll post some information.  Also, most people who go to Rendezvous are down to earth good people, and a lot of them are on the same page with Earth Mother cleaning house as we say.  They have a lot to teach.   Also, if you do this regularly, your kids will be used to roughing it and when the sh-t hits the fan, it won't be so shocking.  My kids actually look forward to the cleansing and we talk about it often, even daily as of late.   

What a great post chaunska. Your children will be well rounded and able to survive the elements and a valuable asset to others . What a great way to teach them survival skills.

Thanks and welcome to the Town Hall if I haven't done so before.

Teaching children survival training is a very important skill, but unfortunately most of us do not possess these skills ourselves.  This is where taking the children camping, (and I do not mean in a motor home) and showing them how to "rough it" by sleeping on the ground in either a tent or simply lying under the stars, is good.  When my children were young, my husband and I used to take them camping and we did not use a camp trailer or a tent, but slept in bags under the stars.  We cooked all our meals over an open fire, hauled water from the river, and used an outhouse.  At that time the last thought on our minds was preparing ourselves or them to face a time when we might have to live like that all the time.  If I had the knowledge I have today, I would have taught them the importance of digging a hole before elimination, and then covering it back up and the proper areas to do this in, and how to start a fire without a cigarette lighter or matches, and other really good skills.  For most of us, these are skills we have not had any desire to learn, seeing no necessity.  But it is not too late for all of us to learn them now.

I read a good blog a while back that suggested shutting off your breakers on a Friday night, and figuring out how to live for the weekend without electricity, television, etc, and no trips to the grocery store.  How many of us, (especially newbies) do not realize that if some disaster happens, even if our house is still standing, it is only a matter of a few days before the food in the freezer spoils, and no water comes out of the taps, and our toilets do not flush? 

Most of us need to learn survival skills and be able to include our children in these lessons.


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