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Author Topic: 5 Hour Emergency Heater made from new paint can, toilet paper and alcohol  (Read 2653 times)


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Note: Member Steedy posted a comment in one of the canned food Topics, referring to coffee can heaters. (Made with toilet paper roll and rubbing alcohol.)
That got me thinking again about posting some emergency heating videos.
So here is a video about how to make such a heater, with new paint cans.
The person making the video bought some new cans at his local hardware store.
Note: At the end he added an editing note and said to last five hours you need to burn it until it heats up a small camper or other space. Then you put a clay plant pot upside down over it with a hole, to snuff it out  then re-light it when it gets cold. He said it's not great but this method will get you through the main part of the night. I will look for a more clear - cut illustration of this type of heater, one you just let burn ...

1 Quart Can, Alcohol Heater, Truck Camper 10:36   2,479 views

video link:

William Pantano
Published on Jan 14, 2014
In this video, I build a simple alcohol heater for my truck camper. This will burn over 5 hours on 32 ounces of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

My goal is to heat my camper during the fall elk hunting season, and through the winter ice fishing season. Propane is quite expensive, and dangerous when used above 7000 feet above sea level where the air is thin and propane tends to burn "rich" with conventional regulators.
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