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Author Topic: Ed Dames – Exposing Planet X, 8/27/2016 – PX is Real and Inbound!  (Read 2460 times)


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For months those of us with an interest in Planet X have waited with anticipation to find out what remote viewing instructor, Major Ed Dames, would reveal at his recent Exposing Planet X Event in Las Vegas on August 27, 2016.  In this interview you are going to learn the key points that were made at that event by Dames.

Although Ed Dames only spent 40 minutes that day talking about planet X, what he said was groundbreaking and courageous – Planet X is real, it is inbound, and it is going to cause a tribulation.  After the event reliable sources gave me and my wife, Jennifer, detailed information about what Ed said and when he said it.  That same afternoon I recorded this interview with Rex Bear of Live Leak.

Over these last few months many have wondered if Ed would take the safe route and spout the elite line, or would he have the stones to break free?  Well, that’s exactly what he did. At this event Ed announced that he will retire at the end of this month, and he divulged breathtaking remote viewing information about Planet X.


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Re: Ed Dames – Exposing Planet X, 8/27/2016 – PX is Real and Inbound!
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Having just gotten back from Ed’s talk myself (and since Marshall posted a nice summary) I just wanted to add the Ed has been saying on alternative media for 20+ years that the use of a nuclear device by North Korea would happen just before the commencement of the “Kill Shot Sequence”:

I have another thread on the forum where I have posted updates on North Korea and the recent threats they have been making..

Major Dames said on his blog recently:

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Post Re: The official 'Killshot Precursor' news discussion thread ... ar-strike/

My own 'forecast' -

DPRK will pop a nuke (hopefully just a test) within the next 45 days.

Major Doom

He left little doubt that all this would take place by the end of the year…

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