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1500 year old cave bean

When i first started working on a seeds thread (in 2009), i did not know what my situation would be in 2017...

I am currently working about 50 hours/wk delivering newspapers and the like; this nets me about € 1250/month... At the moment, this collegue of mine with a wife in the Philippines is off on 'vacation' there and i have taken over his route; it is a lot of extra work for me, but i do it because i have negotiated with him that i will take over his route if he supplies me with cocao and coffee beans/seeds from the Philippines...

He'll be back in 3 weeks; 10 hours extra work/wk for these seeds. Why do i bother?
Well, cobalamin tonic supposedly offers a source of Vit. B12 as well as  many other advantages; ingredients:
- coffee
- raw cocao
- maple syrup
Coffee has been demonized by popular publications, but we all know about propaganda en disinformation... There's a reason both chocolate and coffee are enjoyed the world over.

Under Preparedness and Surviving the Changes there are topics on SEEDS, but just like having posts on animals under The Divine Feminine, i believe this just causes confusion on a message board with hundreds of threads [imagine being new to the forum and going out to find info on animals or seeds; where would you look...?] Both animals and seeds belong under 'agriculture' or "permaculture" or "growing, finding or otherwise acquiring food, energy or resources"...  ;D

So... seeds. You can follow the above links and perhaps i'll find the time to sort through them and make a concise list of great finds posted there.
For now i'd like to remark that at [the by far most active and inclusive permaculture forum online] there are many people who go into all manner of seeds, strains and species in great detail. We don't have to go there here @ Planet X Town Hall since Permies already exists... Having said that, it can save everyone some time and effort to be able to find good resources here, so that's worthwhile. I have certainly experienced that not all seeds are easily resourced or ordered and sometimes you can use all the help you can get.
And there other issues concerning seeds, ones most people might never imagine; like, did you know the seeds of tropical fruits tend to not keep for a long time? So you can, for instance, order banana seeds but they may never sprout, even if you kept them super dry and cool. Good to know!
Just so, there are other tidbits we might all share and it's not necessarily about lists of worthwhile species (like the kind of info people get into @ Permies).

R.R. Book:
Hi Socrates,

In my own experience, which may differ from other people's, it's been most worthwhile to plant only seeds of plants that will come back from the roots every year, with a few exceptions.  As mentioned in the Northern Perm thread, that can mean studying to find unusual species that are analogs of what we find at the grocery store. Once you have established rootstock, it can be damaged above ground in many cases and still come back up from what survived below ground - a seemingly good fit for getting through all the abuse from Px to life in the aftertime.

Beans are one critical genus in particular that have not been well cultivated to come back with much vigor on their own, but they save so easily that if we keep a little seed bank aside in a jar or whatever, we can just use the Plant and Replant method in that case.  Toensmeier and his colleagues from the Mount Holyoke experiment in Massachusetts (see Food Forest Farm website for details) have tried to encourage the one cold hardy perennial bean, phaseolus polystachios, to be more vigorous, but have temporarily given up, if I understand recent correspondence from them correctly, in answer to a query from me.

What is your own experience?


--- Quote from: R.R. Book on April 16, 2017, 05:44:56 PM ---What is your own experience?
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How do i put this delicately...  ::) In my own experience life is full of curve balls and a few good seeds i can carry with me seems a safe bet.
Rootstock sounds great and i recognize your reasoning in this, but it must also be founded in surviving in place; so i would be considering it a post-TEOTWAWKI option/tactic.

I am taking full advantage of modern technology and ordering the most interesting species through Ebay and the like. I have zero experience with said species/varieties but i get excited by the idea of ordering seeds of something like some big black bamboo, nickel-sized corn or sequoia  :D
Obviously, though, there are different seeds for different scenarios. But i prefer to work from worst-case and have loads of interesting seeds in case it turns out i have time and place for them.


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