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Author Topic: Solar “High Strangeness”  (Read 671 times)


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Solar “High Strangeness”
« on: January 07, 2017, 05:57:01 AM »
I can across a couple interesting articles that didn’t really fit any where else so I thought I would create a new thread:

Something mysterious happens in the sun – NASA you hide truth from us!!

Kincumbersky’s central coast Australia 5 th of January 2017'
I am looking at the sun and I see a planet? UFO? hitting sitting in our sun
Planet? UFO?  leaving our sun with a hole in it

on in pack planet? UFO? the sun is this why our sun for a big hole it because a planet got it or comet or huge spaceship UFO solar. what ever it is what is it NASA you would know the clear photo shows us NASA you lie to us about this disgusting NASA you hide truth from us
Mark Anthony Reid

Is it a Sun anomaly or a giant object appears next to the sun, harvesting energy from the sun? The spherical object is similar to the infamous massive spherical dark object near the sun captured by

March 11, 2012.- January 27.2016 That time, many people were confused and tried to explain the unprecedented event. This unique phenomenon is so interesting that again the question arises whether these objects using the sun as an energy source, or perhaps it’s a form of space weather control undertaken by these objects.

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Re: Solar “High Strangeness”
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2017, 03:20:35 PM »
My best guess is that the sun is being tapped for a bit of energy by others who have technology superior to ours.


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