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Author Topic: Remains of an ancient religious site, Göbekli Tepe over 11,000 years old  (Read 885 times)


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Here are the links to a couple of articles on Göbekli Tepe the remains of an ancient site in what is now Urfa Turkey. Göbekli Tepe is about 11,147 years old.
Pottery finds were dated to 9130 BCE. (9130 BCE + 2017 CE = 11,147 years old.)

Google Maps - Şanlıurfa, often simply known as Urfa or Al-Ruha, in ancient times Edessa
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What an amazing find!  Looks like it arose just after the end of the last Ice Age.  Did the beings who built the temple, stones, etc., come out of their caves, or were they "transported" here?  Very interesting!


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