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Author Topic: Protecting ourselves from psychopaths  (Read 404 times)

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Protecting ourselves from psychopaths
« on: December 29, 2017, 01:29:08 PM »
Am taking up Ilinda's challenge on this.  Should we begin by identifying what to watch for?  I'll posit some things that I've learned from Dr. Sam Vaknin ( ), as well as from the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and from real life.

*Chronic substance abuse, possibly hidden
*Serial sexual partners
*A trail of broken relationships
*Serial rages resulting in verbal or physical abuse to others, or property damage
*Lack of ability to remain consistently employed over one's lifetime
*Asking many personal questions of or about others in order to size them up
*Lack of healthy boundaries in relationships with others
*Lack of ability to keep promises and follow through with others
*If employed, seeking positions of authority over vulnerable others
*Reluctance to work one's way up a ladder, socially or occupationally
*A family history of disruption of attachment as a child to significant others at around the critical 18 month age mark, or injury to him/her as an unborn child via substance abuse by the mother, etc.
*Exuding superficial charm

Discussion?  Other ideas?


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