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Author Topic: Signs 20 – 2017, Worst Ever for Earthquakes and Fireballs  (Read 1712 times)


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Signs 20 – 2017, Worst Ever for Earthquakes and Fireballs
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:40:55 PM »
In the last installment in this series, Signs 19 – Global Critical Mass in 2018?, we posted our global earthquake and fireball data through November 2017 and raised the possibility that “2018 could quite literally become a critical mass year.”

This question was on my mind as 2017 wound down the clock toward one of my favorite times of the year. The first week of the new year. A time of quiet as folks relax from the stresses of the holiday season and begin the transition to business as usual.

For me, this is a wonderful time because I sense and genuinely feel this period of calm. I call it the “me time window,” and in years past, the bliss of this window could last as much as two weeks. An excellent time for me to contemplate my options and interests for the coming year.

As in years past, this breath-easy window started on the first of January, and I hoped it would last for a week to ten days. Dumb luck that as it only lasted until January 3, 2018, when I got an email from researcher J. P. Jones. The email contained a one-sentence message and an attachment with the December 2017 data. J. P.’s message read, “I don’t think these slides will give you any comfort.” Talk about a monumental understatement.

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Re: Signs 20 – 2017, Worst Ever for Earthquakes and Fireballs
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2018, 06:09:09 AM »
Thanks, Marshall for the indepth analysis of disclosure psychology, and the warning not to speak out.  There is enough hard data now that I have broached the topic with my nearest and dearest, and then backed off to allow them to do with the information as they please, while continuing to prep for all of us.  At least I feel that as a kind of Watchman, I have spoken and completed my duty as a wife, mother, friend and sister. 

It's amazing that you were physically present for the Loma Prieta earthquake at the time that it happened.  My husband and I were watching the World Series game on the television when it occurred.  It wasn't until about a month ago that I learned the horrors of the fate of commuters on the Cyprus Street Freeway - such nightmarish stories about cars on the lower tier being crushed to mere inches in height really drove home the reality of it.

Your message of watching for falling rocks brings to mind the news story posted in Town Hall a few months ago about the little boy playing at home in his own driveway being hit by a meteorite, which the parents had analyzed.  It also reminds me of the film posted on TH about a meteorite falling into the midst of a group of tourists, nearly hitting a dog.  Unfortunately, they don't make umbrellas strong enough to address that eventuality, so you're right - we need to be looking up at the sky and taking cover now. 


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