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Author Topic: People in ancient England survived Planet X in underground caverns, hatch doors?  (Read 18757 times)


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Joe and All
A few years ago when I was visiting family in the UK I had a vivid dream about people showing me their underground shelter. The idea was - it was how they would survive the passing of Planet X. They totally
knew it was coming - and were prepared. I created a whole thread about it on the old Town Hall. Janice Manning's Dreams and Paranormal Topic. (Dream: Ancient underground shelter in England)

Here on the new forum I posted up a new Topic, in my Dreams... Board.  I have reposted my old dream and added more thoughts and perhaps realizations which have come to me about the hatch door and how it may have been sealed to keep out the waves. Meanwhile: I feel this information also belongs here. 
This is a start on it,
- Yowbarb
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Dreams which seem to be spiritual communications about past events

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Posted on Thursday, May 01, 2008 - 7:57 am:             
Has anyone else here had a dream of an ancient underground dwelling in England?
A few years ago when I went to England, I had a very vivid dream, and I very definitely felt like I was being "shown." This is my dream,
I was led to a forest with a rock place, flat solid rock about fifteen feet square. The rock was like granite.

In the middle of the rock area was an opening,
big enough for a person to step down inside -the opening was perhaps three feet across - big enough to glimpse the stairs leading down.

The stairs - once you stepped down the ladder and got down to the spiral part - were fairly wide across and they gently spiralled down.
Some kind of railing too.

All along the edges of the stairs were plants - some were edible mushrooms.
I wish I could remember more what the plants were. They were definitely for human consumption and not decoration.

I got a feeling of calm, of knowledge, of preparation, or order and of higher spiritual knowledge, too, on the part of the people who put the shelter there.

I wanted to go down farther, but maybe something woke me up. I did get to see at the top a large heavy metal door, which I feel was
meant to be sealed and keep out water. It was designed so it could be pulled into place from inside and secured.

Looking back on it, [later when I was not asleep] the door fit precisely and set on a little flat lip. I get a vague recollection it had a metal pull
that could be secured on three sides and attached to rock.
Someone had hammered a metal piece into rock that the door could be secured to, with the metal pull.

[Afterthought: July 30 2010 There could be a metal rod handle and the three metal pulls could be fastened together in the middle wrapping them through the to give more strength to the door seal. Sometimes when I am not asleep I still can "go to" that dream vibration of that
place and visualize somethng to do with the door and how it was supposed to function.
Back to my dream post:

Ideas, anyone?

The dream has come to the forefront again for me because been trying to envision an underground shelter which would withstand water.
Was thinking of that anyway then someone put the concept up on another thread Question for all members." That is "Post It All..." Topic.

Well back to the dream again, anyone have this dream?!
Also -
Edd on the old town hall brought this to my attention, the caves.
I was amazed at what he had found out and posted.     Poole's Cavern, UK
(I had been on a bus on a road in the Peak District and had some family in Buxton then. I wasn't in England long enough to really explore.) I did go up to the Peak and also Alderly Edge... Intriguing. At one of the family's places in Buxton I found out I was near some underground caverns...

Re Poole's Cavern: 
The idea is, somehow people in that part of the world survived the last crossing of Planet X and this has something to do with it...
- Yowbarb

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PS if anyone is interested in reading my dream of people in their ancient underground cave shelters, during
a time of a Planet X crossing, here is where to find it in my new Topic:
Dreams and Paranormal Experiences >
Dreams which seem to be spiritual communications about past events

Much later after the fact I found out I had been near the Poole's cavern...
- Yowbarb


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Reading inselemel's posts, her Topic about Nostradus Quatrain has inspred me to look for clues which could lead to memories, dreams info on possible underground survival areas in ancient times. Past of the quatrain is about temples opening up abysses... made me think of the underground areas...
Referring to:
Nostradamus Century 9 Quatrain 31 - maybe next week?
Started by inselemel
This is an image carved in a rock near Cornwall: (Cornwall is the tin old mining area
and Nostradamus spoke about the drowning of the tin island...)
I have wondered if the carved labyrinths and monuments mark the spot of ancient underground areas. Forgive it if the info has already been posted, still doing my own digging.
- Yowbarb

Credit: Spectrum Colour Library / Heritage-Images

Additional information
Labyrinth carved into rock, near Tintagel, Cornwall. This is one of a pair of similar rock carvings of a symbol widely used in the ancient world. Examples have been found from Syria to Ireland. The labyrinths in Rocky Valley near Tintagel were discovered in 1948, but their age is disputed. Some experts believe they are Neolithic, possibly 3-4000 years old, while others think that they may have been carved as recently as the 19th century, possibly by someone influenced by Tintagel's connection with the legend of King Arthur.

[Yowbarb Note: This is the labyrinth on a clifftop in Cornwall.]


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PS that clifftop labyrinth is a man made crop circle, to my knowledge.
Cornwall. - Yowbarb


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there are some beautiful caverns close to us, this has always been my idea, listen to your heart, i wouldnt agree with a subway station at all, id rather ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,&

sineck, sorry I never saw your Reply here. Until now.
Sorry you have not been here with us for some time, you can come back,
Barb Townsend


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